This project highlights J.J. Albanese’s multi-scope capabilities – not only did JJA crews demolish approximately 500,000 square feet of this active Palo Alto campus, we also recycled around 75,000 tons of concrete throughout the project, moved over 185,000 cubic yards of dirt for building pads, roads and flatwork, and completed the majority of the flatwork as well.

Silicon Valley, home to many of the world’s largest high-tech companies and thousands of tech startups, is continually evolving to meet the demands and growth of the fast-paced technology industry. The region encompasses all of the Santa Clara Valley, San Francisco, the San Francisco Peninsula and southern portions of the East Bay. In addition to being the hub for high-tech innovation, research and development, it is also the home to a number of universities, colleges and trade schools. Some notable companies are headquartered in Silicon Valley, including Apple Inc., Facebook, Google, Juniper Networks, Lockheed Martin, Netflix, Oracle Corporation and Yahoo!; hundreds of additional high-profile companies have a significance presence in the Valley.

Due to the continual growth of the technology sector, many of these major companies require new or expanded facilities, a trend that has kept the construction industry in Silicon Valley busy.

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Silicon Valley Campus Demo

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