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Mokelumne Pedestrian Overcrossing

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Concrete Pedestrian Overcrossing Bridge Above Divided Four-Lane Highway

Acting as the prime contractor, our team built the Mokelumne Pedestrian Overcrossing, a huge concrete bridge that spans 852 feet across a four-lane divided highway and connects to the Crest to Coast Trail.

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Mark McGaffee, Project Manager JJA

“Our team functioned as the prime contractor overseeing 10-sub contractors in building a concrete bridge that enables pedestrians to safely cross over a four-lane divided highway.

— Mark McGaffee, Project Manager, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.

At Joseph J. Albanese, Inc., we are committed to getting the job done safely with relentless and deliberate execution. Our team is devoted to bringing the highest level of quality to every project we do for our clients.

Mokelumne Pedestrian Overcrossing, Public Works Project
Contra Costa, California 

Client: Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Key Stakeholders also included City of Brentwood, Metropolitan Transportation Commission and State Route 4 Bypass Authority.



  • Provided extensive Public Works capabilities, including Structural Concrete, Concrete Pumping and Grading & Paving to construct a 18-foot by 852-foot-long pedestrian bridge that crosses over a divided four-lane freeway

  • Performed concrete services, including formwork and pump place and finish, for construction of bridge foundations, columns, walls, abutments, box girder and decks encompassing 730 linear-feet of box girder bridge and 120 linear-feet of lightweight reinforced concrete slab

  • Installed krail and channelizers to ensure safe traffic flow during construction

  • Implemented Grading & Paving, including 14,000 cubic yards of fill to build abutments, cut section for pathway and install AB




  • Facilitated close coordination with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, utility companies, property owners and businesses

  • Facilitated work around high voltage lines and above and below major utilities as well as managed heavy equipment and materials on both sides of the highway

  • Coordinated tying the bridge into the Crest to Coast trail that connects Brentwood to walking paths in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

  • Kept the job on time despite an unprecedented rainy season

Our Advantage for Public Works Projects:


  • We can function as your prime contractor or subcontractor

  • We are a one-stop-shop of multiple capabilities from a single source

  • We have the skilled manpower to get big jobs done

  • We own our own equipment and use the right equipment for the job

  • We are technologically advanced, both in the office and in the field

  • We get it done safely, on time and on budget 



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