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Our Technology Tools For Success

At Joseph J. Albanese, Inc., we use the latest technology to keep everyone moving forward toward our goal of on-time, on-budget delivery.

Planning in Virtual Construction Before Building Begins

Our team uses the latest in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D modeling to ensure that the job is as complete as possible before excavation or building even starts.


With BIM modeling, we produce drawings that help us ensure constructability, identify issues and fill in any blanks in the architectural plans. 3D modeling enables dynamic changes, allowing our team to see what a project will look like so we can make any necessary adjustments prior to construction. 

Virtual Construction
Technology Used at JJA

Keeping Teams Aligned and Projects on Target 

We deliberately work across multiple technology platforms to ensure our teams have the best tools to get their jobs done in the most efficient and seamless manner:


  • PlanGrid is used on every project and keeps all team members on the same page with immediate and clear information sharing.

  • SmartTagIt provides our foremen with a tool to perform proper safety pre-task meetings enabling our team to gain insights on our jobsite safety culture.

  • HCSS Safety Software provides observation tools that encourage our complete team approach to safety.

  • HCSS HeavyJob drives our timecard process electronically and supports accurate project tracking

  • Salesforce organizes our bidding activity and overall resource allocation schedules, ensuring we will continue to meet our clients’ expectations

Joe McCarthy Jr., COO, McCarthy Ranch

“Joseph J. Albanese is on the forefront of technology. Whether it’s getting an accurate bid or using GPS to move dirt, they use technology to deliver on the promise. It’s one of the things that sets them apart from the competition.” 

— Joe McCarthy Jr., Chief Operating Officer, McCarthy Ranch

In-Field Virtual Views and Tracking

In-Field Virtual Views and Tracking

Our Assemble Model lets us take our BIM Model into the field on an iPad. The user can click on any part of the construction model, such as a column, footing or wall, and get the concrete volume, mark it as installed or even see it in 3D.

Global Positioning System (GPS). Used in the field, our GPS technology enables measurements to be as precise as possible. Whether it’s excavation, grading and paving or concrete work, GPS gives us the edge to ensure that your project specifications are accurate before and during the job.

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