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Cityline Sunnyvale Town Center

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Experienced, Safety-Conscious Crew Safely Performs Complicated Demolition

Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. is a leader in demolition. In demolishing the old Cityline Sunnyvale Shopping Center, our experienced and safety-conscious demolition team demonstrated just how controlled the chaos of demolition can be.

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Bob Rogers, Project Executive, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.

“Our team takes a systematic, almost surgical approach to demolition, implementing a highly controlled method to ensure a productive and safe process. At Joseph J. Albanese, Inc., we can demo just about anything.”

— Bob Rogers, Project Executive, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.

At Joseph J. Albanese, Inc., we are committed to getting the job done safely with relentless and deliberate execution. Our team is devoted to bringing the highest level of quality to every project we do for our clients.

Cityline Sunnyvale Town Center
Sunnyvale, California 

Client: Devcon Construction



  • Performed extensive planning to ensure a safe, efficient demolition of closed department store

  • Facilitated efforts to meet LEED accreditation and city recycling standards

  • Delivered a safe and efficient demolition on time and on budget

  • Showed consideration to nearby restaurants serving outdoors during COVID      dining restrictions



  • Gutted and demolished 40-foot-high, 180,000-square-foot structure, including demolition of:

    • 2,500-square-foot pedestrian bridge without damage to adjoining parking garage and road

    • 42,000 square feet of asphalt 

    • 20,000 square feet of site concrete 

    • 4,000 linear feet of utilities (underground gas, electric, water, storm and sewer)

  • Recycled 95 percent of materials (total volume by weight)

  • Sorted and off-hauled to recycler: 

    • ​198 loads of debris 

    • 1,300 loads of concrete

    • 23 loads of green waste

  • ​Subcontracted abatement of hazardous waste

  • Utilized JJA fleet equipment, including:

    • ​High-reach excavator

    • Five heavy excavators with multiple attachments

    • Water trucks for dust control 


Cityline Sunnyvale Town Center

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