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Grading, Paving & Excavation

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Proven Leader in Grading, Paving and Excavation

For Jobs Large or Small, We Do It All!

Performing more than $125,000,000 of grading, paving and excavation annually, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. is a proven leader in the industry. From massive parking lots and business complexes to city parks and residential streets, we love to move dirt and create useful surfaces.

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Jim Sifton, Foreman, JJA

“Whether the grading, paving and excavation job is large or small, our experienced crews, dedicated engineering team and extensive equipment fleet enable us to successfully and safely get your project done. We will literally move mountains to get your job done on time and on budget.”

— Jim Sifton, Foreman, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.

Grading and Paving

Our Experience
Over the Past Three Years

875,000 cubic yards of mass excavation


995,000 square feet of finish-grade building pad


5,700,000 square feet of finish-grade parking lot


4,775,000 square feet of finish-grade flatwork


90,000 cubic yards of Bioswale excavation


210,000 tons asphalt paving

Grading and Paving in Action

Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. delivers multi-scope capabilities from demolition and excavation to grading, paving, structure and site concrete.  Through proactive and flexible coordination with general contractors and other project stakeholders, our team gets it done safely, on time and on budget.

Private Park

Menlo Park, California


  • Grading: Moved 31,000 cubic yards of earth

  • Used GPS to grade 16.75 acres in preparation for concrete sidewalks and greenbelts


Truck & Trailer Parking Lot

Tracy Pescadero, California


  • Grading: moved 16,000 cubic yards of earth

  • Paving: 21,000 tons of asphalt

  • Acted as general contractor with 12 sub-contractors

Residential Neighborhood 

Palo Alto, California


  • Demolition & Grading: moved 40,000 cubic yards of earth

  • Paving: 5,000 tons of asphalt paving



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