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Office Building Complex

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Seismic Retrofit Creation of 42-Foot Architectural Walls to Match Original Design

Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. is a leader in creating architecturally appealing concrete walls, even when they need to match existing building designs. Whether it’s a commercial building or a bridge, we execute retrofit construction that delivers structures that are both attractive and safe.

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Stig Strombeck, Project Manager, JJA

“For this office building seismic retrofit, we created earthquake-compliant, architecturally appealing walls that also perfectly match the design of the building's existing 40-year-old, 42-foot-high architectural walls. By utilizing multiple scopes, we got the job done safely and efficiently.”

— Stig Strombeck, Project Manager, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.

At Joseph J. Albanese, Inc., we are committed to getting the job done safely with relentless and deliberate execution. Our team is devoted to bringing the highest level of quality to every project we do for our clients.

Office Building Complex
Northern California





  • Safely and efficiently implemented a major retrofit while the building complex remained occupied

  • Produced shop drawings as there were no longer original blueprints for the 40-year-old buildings

  • Created form liners to enable us to match the original wall design

  • Modified existing landscape to bring in heavy equipment


Office Building Complex

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