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Emergency Services

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Providing Multi-Scope Emergency Services For Public Works, Commercial Projects and Residential Complexes

Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. is a leader in delivering proven success in emergency services, including clean-up, temporary facilities, restoration and reconstruction.

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Emergency Services

Whether it’s a storm, fire, earthquake or flood, we provide remediation to quickly resolve your emergency. Count on us to be there when you most need us.


Clean Up​

  • Clearing and removal of debris

  • Mud and rockslide removal

  • Demolition


Temporary Facilities

  • Temporary roadway and access

  • Traffic control


Restoration & Reconstruction

  • Shoring and slope stabilization

  • Road and highway restoration

  • Drainage repair and replacement

  • Culvert repair and replacement

  • Bridge repair and replacement

  • Structure repair and retrofit


Functioning as a prime contractor and/or as a sub-contractor, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done safely, on time and on budget.

Your Best Choice for Emergency Services Projects 
Benefits of working with Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.

We function as prime contractor or sub-contractor

We own our own diverse equipment fleet

We provide a single source for multiple capabilities

We are technologically advanced

We have a large, highly skilled workforce

We get it done safely


“From rebuilding bridges and restoring washed out roads to shoring up fallen hillsides and reconstructing culverts, we have the proven experience to handle virtually any type of emergency.”

— John Gasiorowski, Project Manager, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.

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Our Experience
Over the Last Three Years

130,000+ cubic yards of Structural Excavation


55,000 tons Underslab Rock


175,000+ Drilled and Epoxy Dowels


445,000+ square feet of Wall Formwork


710,000+ square feet of Falsework


150,000+ cubic yards of Mat Slab PPF


4,400,000 square feet of slab on grade PPF


16,700,000+ square feet of Elevated Slab PPF

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Case Studies

Valenica Culvert

Valencia Road Box Culvert 
Aptos, California

Services: Demolition, Structural Concrete, Site Concrete, Shotcrete, Concrete Pumping, Sawcutting & Core Drilling, Grading & Paving, Virtual Construction, Bridge Construction




  • Provided emergency repair to road caused by storm damage

  • Built high-water emergency bypass system to eliminate flooding

  • Excavated 85-foot-deep shored excavation to build new concrete box culvert 

  • Built 120-foot bridge for traffic flow for residents and school attendees

Replaced failed culvert with concrete box culvert  

Redwood Road Bridge 
Santa Cruz Mountains, California

Services: Demolition, Structural Concrete, Sawcutting & Core Drilling, Grading & Paving, Virtual Construction, Bridge Construction




  • Replaced existing single-lane bridge located in a narrow canyon with a two-lane bridge built to Caltrans design specifications 

  • Removed large redwood trees to expand right-of-way while protecting all          other trees

  • Constructed soldier pile retaining wall to begin widening and provide a place to stage materials and equipment while still maintaining access for residents

  • Ensured safety for employees and the traveling public while the entry access was a one-lane road that had to stay open during construction 

  • Performed work successfully in an environmentally sensitive area while in coordination with biological monitoring by the County

  • Constructed the new bridge and viaduct, which improved sight distance and gave residents additional turnout for traffic to pass



Redwood Lodge Road Bridge
Santa Cruz Mountains, California

Services: Excavation, DemolitionGrading & Paving, Structural ConcreteSite Concrete, Sawcutting & Core Drilling, Virtual Construction, Bridge Construction



  • Built a new bridge and repaired roads after four landslides

  • Repaired a 5,000-cubic-yard landslide to re-open 

  • Replaced failed 10-foot culvert with a pre-manufactured bridge to enable the damaged road to reopen

  • Assembled bridge on-site and launched into place

  • Utilized GPS to model and build the project

Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. delivers multi-scope capabilities from demolition and excavation to grading, paving, structure and site concrete.  Through proactive and flexible coordination with general contractors and other project stakeholders, our team gets it done safely, on time and on budget.

Tell us about your upcoming project.

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