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Allied Concrete Montana

A Joseph J. Albanese Company

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Getting it Done Safely in Montana

Allied Concrete, a Joseph J. Albanese Company, offers premier concrete contracting services throughout Montana’s Big Sky country. It is based in Bozeman, Montana.

Chris Reed, Project Manager, Allied Concrete

“At Allied Concrete, we have built a reputation for exceptional concrete construction for virtually any type of structure. Most importantly, we get it done safely, on time and on budget.”

- Chris Reed, Project Manager, Allied Concrete, A Joseph J. Albanese Company

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Our Proven Track Record

Track Record
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We are proud of every project we build.


From small to large, from residential to commercial, from private to public works, from public installations to private data centers, every single project is a priority for us.

Big Sky Custom Residences_JJA_1.jpg

Big Sky Montana Custom Residences 

Projects: Big Sky Montana Custom Residences including Yellowstone Club, Spanish Peaks and Moonlight Basin

Client: North Fork Builders, Langlas & Associates and High-Line Partners 




Branded Residences at The Montage 
Big Sky Montana

Project: Montage Big Sky


Client: Suffolk Construction 




Montage Residences .jpg
The One & Only_Allied Concrete .JPG

The One&Only Resort Moonlight Basin 
Big Sky Montana

Project: The One&Only Resort 




Big Sky Resort 

Project: Big Sky Resort


Client: Big Sky Resort and General Contractors


  Resort Construction  



  Tram Construction



Big Sky Resort_Allied Concrete .jpg
Lewenski Lodge_Allied Concrete_2.JPG

Levinski Lodge for Big Sky Resort 
Big Sky Montana

Project: Levinksi Lodge

Client: Langlas and Associates 



Gallatin Field Airport Airplane Hangars 
Bozeman, Montana

Project: Gallatin Field Airport




Airport Hangar.JPG

Why Choose Allied Concrete

Montana Job Opportunities

Build Your Career With Allied Concrete
A Joseph J. Albanese Company 

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Allied Concrete is a leader in the construction concrete industry, serving Bozeman and the Greater Mountain West Area. 


Join Allied Concrete for a career with the best in concrete construction!


Click here to Apply Today!  

Our Advanced Technology Sets Us Apart

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At Allied Concrete,

a Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. Company we use the latest technology to keep the project moving forward toward our goal of on-time, on-budget delivery.

Advanced Technology

Virtual Construction

In-Field GPS Technology

Planning & Tracking Platforms

Safety Technology

Our Proven Experience

Over The Past Five Years

Site Concrete


1,500,000 Jobsite Labor Hours Annually


80 projects per day 


100+ Different Clients 

Site Concrete

Site Concrete 

610,000 linear feet Curb and Gutter


35,000 linear feet Bioswale Curb


2,760,000 square feet Flatwork 


27,750 square feet Pervious 


945,000 square feet City Flatwork


137,500 square feet Driveway


500,000 square feet Vehicular Driveway


300,000 square feet Subslab

 28,500 linear feet Site Stairs

92,500 linear feet Site Walls

Structural Concrete

Structural Concrete 

225,500 cubic yards Structural Excavation


102,500 tons Underslab Rock


402,000 Drilled and Epoxy Dowels


650,000 square feet Wall Formwork


900,250 square feet Falsework


218,000 cubic yards Mat Slab PPF


6,233,000 square feet Slab on Grade PPF


22,870,000 square feet Elevated Slab PPF


Shotcrete & Rebar

56,000 cubic yards Shotcrete

10,080 tons Rebar 


Our Proven Capabilities

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We build structures that stand the test of time. As experts in virtually every type of concrete work, we safely build structures that stand the test of time.

Structural Concrete

Structural Concrete

We are experts in pouring structural concrete that is capable of supporting a structural load or forming an integral part of a structure. Our services include structural concrete walls, foundations, mat slabs, columns, soffits and vaults as well as decorative walls.

Site Concrete

Site Concrete

We create architectural site concrete that makes your project stand out. Our services include 

installing flatwork, site walls, architectural finishes, bioswales, stairs and curbs. We look to continue to leverage our experience to make your site concrete project come to life.



Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. is a worldwide leader in shotcrete construction and has won many awards for its vertical concrete applications. Our services include vertical slabs, round columns, rounded walls and decorative walls. Shotcrete can reduce days on your project schedule through less forming and cleanup.

Our Focus on Safety

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Safety is in our DNA. It is our top priority day in and day out. Safety means we deliver efficiency and higher quality deliverables. It isn’t just something we talk about. It’s our competitive advantage.


Our Partnership Commitment

Joseph J Albanese Emblem

We’re committed to building relationships that last. With long-term relationships built on superior service, many of our clients have worked with the company for decades, safely building exceptional structures and buildings. We partner with GCs, owners and developers to get the job done.

Our Leadership

Phillip Albanese

Phillip Albanese

President and CEO

Phillip Albanese is president of Allied Concrete, a Joseph J. Albanese Company. As president and CEO of Joseph J. Albanese, Phillip is following in the footsteps of his father John Albanese and his grandfather Joe Albanese, who founded the company in 1955.  Phillip took the reins in 2020 following the transition of leadership from Kevin Albanese. 


Focused on the mission of “getting it done safely,” Phillip is dedicated to living his company’s core values of safety, people, quality and truth. Phillip believes that success is much more than the buildings and structures the company builds. He is committed to continuing to generate opportunities for his talented team while creating value for the company’s clients and society overall.


Phillip has worked in many positions throughout the organization. Most importantly was his experience working in the field during the summers while growing up. He still credits this experience as the foundation for both his passion and admiration for the talent of the Joseph J. Albanese team. Since 2009, Phillip has led system and process development and implementations that have been the cornerstone to the responsible growth the organization has enjoyed. He looks to keep the organization’s energy on creating opportunities for his team and clients.  

Phillip graduated from Boston College in 2008 and currently serves on the Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School board of directors. He actively supports causes relating to education, conservation of the outdoors and rugby in the United States. He and his wife Lindsey have two daughters and a son.

Our Allied Concrete Team Serving Montana 

Chris Reed

Chris Reed
Project Manager

As project manager for Allied Concrete, a Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. Company, Chris Reed oversees clients and projects in the Montana region. Committed to delivering projects on time and on budget, he supervises and inspects projects from start to completion. 


With more than 20 years of on-site construction management, including mass structural concrete, Reed has overseen the construction of structures in a variety of industries including residential and custom residential, hospitality, commercial, medical, airplane hangars and wastewater facilities as well as trams, pump houses and lift stations. His recent projects include Big Sky Resort and Tram, Montage Big Sky Luxury Resort, the One&Only Moonlight Basin Resort and custom homes in and around Bozeman.


Reed is a Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector, certified in Nuclear Testing Equipment, an American Concrete Institute Certified Field Testing Technician and has completed Confined Space Training. He holds a BA in Construction Engineering Technology from Montana State University. 


Kris Miller

Kris Miller

As Superintendent for Allied Concrete, a Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. Company, Kris Miller oversees concrete construction for structures in a variety of industries including residential, custom residential and commercial. 


With more than 27 years of experience in concrete construction, he has developed a specialty in custom concrete finishes including colored concrete, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, salt, broom and water-based stains. He is also experienced in excavation and grading for site work. His recent projects include Big Sky Resort and Tram, Montage Big Sky Luxury Resort, the One&Only Moonlight Basin Resort and custom homes in and around Bozeman.


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