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Award-Winning Shotcrete Services for Vertical Concrete Applications

Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. is a worldwide leader in shotcrete construction. Shotcrete is pneumatically placed concrete that is used to create vertical slabs, round columns and rounded or decorative walls.


A faster process than horizontal concrete, shotcrete can reduce days on your project schedule through less forming and cleanup.

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“Whether your building design requires rounded or decorative walls or concrete parking structure walls, our award-winning certified shotcrete team works closely with your engineers and architects to ensure a perfect delivery for your project.”

— Ramiro Contreras, Vice President of Operations, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.


Our Experience 

Over the Last

Three Years

39,000 cubic yards of shotcrete



Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. delivers multi-scope capabilities from demolition and excavation to grading, paving, structure and site concrete.  Through proactive and flexible coordination with general contractors and other project stakeholders, our team gets it done safely, on time and on budget.

An alternative to traditional cast-in-place wall concrete, shotcrete is a method of intricate placement of vertical concrete. It is typically faster and more effective for building vertical concrete walls and features.


Because we own our own shotcrete pump units and have an experienced team, we get the job done safely, on time and on budget.


  • Build walls for buildings, parking structures, parks and public works

  • Deliver vertical slabs, round columns, curved walls and decorative walls

  • Provide an architecturally appealing finish

Shotcrete Advantages:


  • Shotcrete allows for design flexibility that is not possible with horizontal concrete

  • With shotcrete, we can create vertical slabs, round columns and walls and decorative walls

  • Installation is faster, saving time and allowing for accelerated schedules

  • Shotcrete takes less space to install than poured concrete

  • Shotcrete is a great solution for a seismic retrofit

China Basin Commercial Office Building,

San Francisco, California

Project Highlights: Seismic Retrofit

  • Added 15-inch shotcrete to building walls in four sections, each a block long and six-stories high

  • Installed steel-frame buttresses to keep the building sturdy in case of an earthquake

  • Created an architectural finish, beveling the concrete at each window to ensure nice views

  • Created curved walls for an architecturally pleasing design

  • Provided engineering services to ensure that the seismic retrofit meets current requirements


Our Advantage:


  • We own our shotcrete equipment

  • We use the right equipment for the job

  • We have the manpower to get big jobs done

  • We take safety seriously

  • We get it done on time and on budget

Tell us about your upcoming project.

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