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Private Park

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Multi-Scope Construction Delivers Beautiful Private Park for Community Enjoyment

Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. delivers a full range of construction services from excavation to finished concrete work. Providing multi-scope capabilities enables our team to get the job done safely, while consistently meeting budgets and timelines.

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“Concurrently utilizing multiple scopes enabled our team to meet the timeline for this private park while safely delivering high-quality concrete work.”

— Alexis Susnow, Senior Project Manager, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.

At Joseph J. Albanese, Inc., we are committed to getting the job done safely with relentless and deliberate execution. Our team is devoted to bringing the highest level of quality to every project we do for our clients.

Private Park
Menlo Park, California




  • Concurrent use of multiple scopes as the project was split into different areas to allow for fast progress

  • Extremely high-quality radius sawcutting that delivered uniform paving, walls, etc., even though it was done in separate sections at different times

  • EVA road construction that included grading, rebar, concrete pours, PPF, VCD and sawcutting

  • GPS Virtual Construction for added precision and timely delivery

  • Soil remediation to meet residential compliance



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