Over a six-month period, J.J. Albanese crews hand-excavated more than 1,800 cubic yards of dirt!

Oyster Point is a corporate campus located in South San Francisco along the bay, built in the mid-1980s. The two buildings are five-story poured-in-place post-tensioned concrete slab with precast exposed aggregate panels, and while they were originally constructed to the current building construction guidelines, the owner conducted a three-year study of ground settlement and opted for a voluntary seismic upgrade. Since the original construction, there had been ground settlements of more than four feet at various locations on the property; a seismic retrofit would strengthen the structures and greatly reduce the risk of damage due to future seismic events.

J.J. Albanese was hired to perform the structural concrete retrofit, which involved adding a pile cap and grade beam foundation through four locations at two separate buildings. This design provided lateral support to accommodate any future building settlement. The installation of the foundation upgrade required complete hand excavation, and the Dogs of War were fthere for the task.

Another critical aspect to this—and every—project was jobsite safety. JJA’s safety department, along with the field and office leadership, planned and pre-tasked all of the work activities required. This led to a very safe jobsite and another example of Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. “Just Getting It Done. Safely.”

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Oyster Point

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Webcor Builders

Structural Concrete (retrofit)