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Meet Our Dogs of War Executive Team

Updated: Feb 15

Dogs of War Executive Team

Bringing together traditional values with modern thinking and advanced technology, the leaders at Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. empower their teams to deliver powerful execution that is focused on a relentless and deliberate pursuit of safety and excellence.

From our field workers to the internal staff and from the interns to our CEO Phillip Albanese, every single team member is devoted to our Dogs of War (D.O.W.) mentality. At the foundation of our success, our D.O.W. credo is focused on getting the job done safely as a team, no matter the circumstances.

Meet our executive team who brings traditional values and modern thinking for powerful execution.

Phillip Albanese, President & CEO

Phillip leads the company in the footsteps of his father John Albanese and his grandfather Joe Albanese, who founded the company in 1955. Phillip is devoted to maintaining the core values of his father and grandfather while elevating the company to new greatness with technology, systems and safety protocols.

Filemon Calderon, Executive Vice President, Field Operations

Filemon joined Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. as a mason in 1980 and quickly rose to superintendent. Today, Filemon oversees the company’s entire field operations, consisting of more than 800 craftsmen and craftswomen. The ultimate problem solver, he embodies the company’s motto of “Getting It Done Safely” by motivating and supporting his field workers with the belief that anything can be accomplished.

Dan Dryden, Chief Financial Officer

Dan Dryden joined Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. in 2007 as an assistant controller, moving up to director of Finance in 2012 and taking on the role of chief financial officer in 2016. As CFO, he is responsible for all financial operations, including general accounting, treasury management, tax and compliance, payroll and financial reporting as well as maximizing operational efficiencies throughout the company.

Dave Alaimo, Executive Vice President

Dave Alaimo joined Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. in 1991 as the chief financial officer. Working alongside John Albanese, he was instrumental in the company’s high-powered growth during the Silicon Valley construction boom. Today, as executive vice president, he leads the strategic execution of the company’s growth plans.

Jeff Jacobs, Executive Vice President, Sales

Jeff Jacobs joined Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. as a part-time construction worker while he was still in high school. After college graduation, he worked with company founder Joe and his son John Albanese where he learned the business from the ground up. Today, Jeff oversees and mentors the company’s many estimators and project managers, helping ensure accurate bids that deliver on-time, on-budget projects.

John Franich, Executive Vice President & General Manager

John Franich joined Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. in 2015. With extensive construction industry field and office experience, John oversees the company’s operations, management, project performance, safety, quality and environmental concerns. A catalyst for driving exceptional performance, John is focused on strategic objectives and operational best practices.

Phil Roby, Vice President

An Albanese family friend since childhood, Phil Roby joined Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. in the 1980s after attending Santa Clara University. He learned the construction business alongside John Albanese. Today, as vice president, he provides leadership for all areas of the business, including estimating and construction. As the company’s longest tenured employee, Phil helped grow the company to 300 times the size it was when he joined.

Jim McNinch, Vice President, Concrete Structures

Jim McNinch is the vice president of Concrete Structures where he is responsible for overseeing all the elevated concrete work the company performs. Jim brings a tremendous amount of experience and passion to the design, estimation and builds for the company’s horizontal concrete work. Under Jim’s leadership, the company’s elevated concrete work has grown more than 300 percent over the last five years alone.

Dan McHale, Vice President, General Engineering

Dan McHale joined Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. in 2006, bringing extensive construction industry experience to his role. Today, Dan is devoted to ensuring exceptional quality for the organization’s earthwork and demolition projects. Under Dan’s leadership, the company has grown by 10 times, performing more than $100,000,000 in general engineering activities annually.

John Messing, Safety Director

John Messing joined Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. in 2019, bringing extensive safety performance experience in the construction industry. As executive safety director, he is committed to enabling world-class safety performance by elevating safety leadership skills and empowering all employees in the company’s safety program. A Certified Safety Professional and certified OSHA Outreach Trainer, he is responsible for the development, implementation and management of effective safety and health problems designed to protect the company’s employees.


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