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From 1955 to Today, Our Proud “Dogs of War” History Defines Us

Updated: Feb 15

Dogs of War Truck

Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. was founded in 1955 by Joe “Giuseppe,” the son of Italian immigrants. After serving in World War II, he worked for his older brother Carmen, who later founded Central Concrete. Joe realized his passion for concrete construction and founded Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. with the desire to build the best cement contracting company. His attention to detail and unrelenting focus on his clients created the foundation of what the company is today.

In 1985, Joe retired, and his son John Albanese took over as CEO. Using his military experience in the Vietnam War as motivation, John came up with the “Dogs of War” bulldog mascot and motto, “We Just Get It Done.” He knew that the Joseph J. Albanese employees—his “warriors”—would do whatever it took to complete the job with smiles on their faces.

Today, John’s son and Joe’s grandson Phillip Albanese serves as CEO. Phil is committed to keeping the values of his grandfather and father at the forefront of the business as JJA’s “Dogs of War” focus on “Getting it Done Safely.”

For more on our history, please view our legacy video here.

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