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Safe, Fast and On-Time Construction of Data Center Complexes

Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. is the leader in building data centers safely, quickly and efficiently. Our extensive pre-construction planning and on-site coordination ensures that the job goes smoothly and that your data center is up and running as soon as possible.

Project Photos

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“For this Data Center build, we offered multi-scope capabilities that spanned the entire duration of the project. We started with the demolition of the existing building and saw the project through to the finishing touches, including the site concrete. By offering a wide variety of services, we delivered a more efficient build.” 

— Jonny Hoang, Project Manager, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.

At Joseph J. Albanese, Inc., we are committed to getting the job done safely with relentless and deliberate execution. Our team is devoted to bringing the highest level of quality to every project we do for our clients.

Data Center
Hayward, California

Client: Turner Construction



  • Performed multi-scope capabilities, including Demolition, Grading & Paving, Structural Concrete, Site Concrete, Shotcrete,  Concrete Pumping, Sawcutting & Core Drilling and Virtual Construction 

  • Accommodated special city requirement for asphalt concrete mix which calls for a rubberized asphalt mix, to reduce traffic noise 

  • Installed anchor channels into the top of the 24-inch mat slab, flush with the top of the concrete, to enable data servers to slide across the floor from one side of the building to the other (rails were installed on multiple building floors)

  • Solved many challenges, including finding a way to wet-set anchor channels into the 24-inch mat slab with supports so it is flush with the concrete

  • Installed curbs, gutters, asphalt and concrete pads

  • Built the loading dock, generator pads and more



  • Provided a single source for multiple capabilities 

  • Implemented pre-construction planning to maximize success

  • Delivered exceptional communication with the general contractor 

  • Coordinated efficiently with other subcontractors 

  • Worked around tight timelines to meet city noise restrictions 

  • Delivered safe and on-time completion 


Our Advantage:

  • We own our own concrete equipment 

  • We use the right equipment for the job

  • We have the manpower to get big jobs done

  • We get it done safely, on time and budget



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