JJA saw this monumental project from start to finish, moving more than 120,000 cubic yards of dirt, performing 100,000 square feet of paving for two parking lots, decomposing granite pathways, and performing 65,000 square feet of flatwork to complete to beautiful renovation.

One of San Jose’s nearly 200 parks, Watson Park was a favorite gathering place of residents in surrounding neighborhoods since the 1970s. However, during the construction of a new skate park in 2004, workers found ash and other debris from a former burn dump and landfill from the 1930s. A soil investigation found elevated levels of lead and other contaminants, and the park was closed and fenced off to protect the public health.

J.J. Albanese was the general contractor on the project to clean and revitalize Watson Park, successfully managing more than 15 subcontractors to complete the renovations. For seven years, extensive cleanup efforts were made, including hazardous waste removal performed by JJA crews. After cleanup was complete and the city replaced the contaminated topsoil, the space was retested and deemed clean and ready to be opened to the public. The 26.6-acre park now consists of two soccer fields, a public restroom building, two playgrounds, two dog parks, basketball courts, parking lots and picnic sites.

Project Details
Project Name:
Watson Park Improvements

Project Date:

City of San Jose, Public Works

Hazardous Waste Removal, Grading, Tree Removal, Site Concrete, Playground, Restroom Construction, Paving