J.J. Albanese’s involvement in the project highlighted many of the services we offer, from paving and grading to site concrete and shotcrete.

Located just off San Francisco’s peacefully quiet and iconic Brotherhood Way, 800 Summit is the answer to soaring demands for homes in the city. Surrounded by green space and within walking distance to Lake Merced, 800 Summit offers 182 high-end townhouses with designer interiors, stunning architectural features, luxury amenities and a connection to nature.

To get the project underway, JJA crews moved 375,000 cubic yards of dirt, then built 121 single family split level pads, performed 8,400 tons of AC paving, constructed 32,000 square feet of retaining walls ranging from eight to 15 feet and 1,200 linear feet of walls less than four feet, laid 9,500 linear feet of curbs and gutters, and laid 20,000 square feet of city walks.

Project Details
Project Name:
Brotherhood Way

Project Date:

Comstock Homes

Grading, Paving, Site Concrete, Shotcrete

375,000 CY of dirt moved
121 Single Family-Split Level Pads built
8,400 Tons of AC Paving
32,000 SF of Retaining Walls ranging from 8’ to 15’ tall (Shotcrete)
1,200 LF less than 4’ Retaining Walls
9,500 LF of curb and gutters
20,000 SF of City Walks