The J.J. Albanese demolition crew took well-thought-out precautions and, with safety always at the forefront of their mind, flawlessly demolished the entire structure within its original footprint.

278 University Avenue was designed to cater to the booming business landscape of Palo Alto, as well as the push for more sustainable construction. This LEED Silver-certified, Cal Green Tier 2 steel-frame commercial building is a prominent fixture in downtown Palo Alto today. Four stories tall and 26,000 square feet, it features a subterranean basement constructed on a zero lot line.

With the site of the new building on the corner of a busy intersection in downtown Palo Alto, great care had to be taken to demo its predecessor and clear the lot. The previous structure, built of unreinforced concrete, brick and wood, had a footprint of 6,000 square feet and was approximately 35 feet high with an eight-foot basement. Complicating the process was a neighboring building only six inches from an exterior wall to be demolished, as well as pedestrian walkways on three sides and busy streets on two.

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278 University Ave.

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South Bay Construction