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Moffett Place Building 3

Moffett Place is a 1.9-million-square-foot development located in the heart of Silicon Valley, alongside the Highway 237 corridor near Highway 101. The business campus was built in phases to house six nearly identical eight-story LEED Gold office buildings and a two-story fitness center for tenants.

Because each office building has the same footprint and general layout, the general contractor (GC) approached the fourth-phase building with the expectation that all issues were ironed out during construction of the previous buildings. However, the crews working on the building were not the same crews who had performed work on the first few buildings. For this reason, communication between Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.’s project management team and superintendents was critical in keeping crew members up to speed with lessons learned. The JJA crew worked diligently to ensure team members were equipped with the information they needed.

Since it was also a fast-paced project, JJA worked with the GC to develop an efficient construction schedule that not only worked for team members involved in this project, but also could be used as a model for the next buildings to be constructed.

Project Details

Project name: Moffett Place Building 3 PPF

Project date: October 2015 – September 2016

Client: Moffett Place, LLC/Jay Paul Company

Scope: Pump, place and finish (PPF) foundations, slabs on grade, slabs on metal deck, stair pains, top set curbs and pads


  • 20,500-square-foot footprint
  • 305,350 square feet, total