Virtual Construction


Behind every structural concrete project and even some site concrete projects, Joseph J. Albanese’s Virtual Construction Department is building the digital models from the ground up. Using the latest technologies to provide specific parametric modeling of concrete construction, this service typically involves focusing on congested reinforcing and steel-embed connections to verify constructability, while also providing simple shop drawings for our professionals in the field from which to execute. Our in-depth and accurate approach to coordinating elements in structural and architectural design is a valuable asset to any project.

JJA’s Revit-certified professionals work with digital 3-D coordination models, renderings, and walk-throughs and generate field layout derived from the models. In addition to identifying design issues during the virtual construction process for pre-construction, we are efficiently and effectively communicating complex project geometries with outstanding graphics in production drawings. Estimating concrete volumes, pour sequences, phases of work, and formwork material quantities is an integral part of the digital model.


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