Driven by our core values of truth, safety, quality and people to get the job done.


1917: How it Started

Giuseppe (Joseph) J. Albanese was born in 1917 in San Jose, Calif., to Antonio and Maria, two Italian immigrants who moved to the United States in 1900. Like so many immigrant families in the early 20th century, Joe and his five older brothers and sisters learned quickly that there was no substitute for hard work. Tragedy struck the Albanese household when Antonio passed away while Joe was only a year old. From that point moving forward, the Albanese kids knew that they had to produce.

After returning from serving in World War II, Joe set out to work for his older brother Carmen, who started CP Albanese Construction, later to become Central Concrete Supply. Joe realized his passion for concrete construction and decided to break amicably from his brother and start Joseph J. Albanese, Inc., a cement contracting company, in 1955.

Joe was meticulous when it came to quality and customers. He did not have a desire to be the biggest in town, but rather the best. His attention to detail and unrelenting focus on his customer created the foundation for what Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. is today. He ran the company through the 1980s, when he retired and passed the torch to his son John, who had grown up with JJA and started helping his father at work when he was just six years old. Growing up, John would remember going to work with his father. John idolized Joe and saw firsthand his father’s passion for a quality concrete product. Following his return from Vietnam in 1970, John, like his father, worked for his Uncle Carmen at Central Concrete Supply before taking the helm at JJA.

1985: Passing of the Torch

John brought energy to the business and was honored to work with his father. He saw the potential for the company, as well as the growth beginning in the Santa Clara Valley. This growth was marked with the purchase of the Power Curber curb and gutter machine. Despite some minor tension between father and son, this was the first of many calculated decisions behind growth that John would make. JJA went on to pour miles upon miles of curbs and gutter throughout the Bay Area, even in Hawaii!

John continued to bet on growth, eventually bringing Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. into new markets—mainly demolition, grading and paving, concrete pumping and concrete sawcutting. He saw the benefits of having one company performing these different scopes and believed in the model to make it happen. Using his military experience in the Vietnam War as motivation for his role in the company, John came up with the “Dogs of War” bulldog mascot and motto, “We Just Get It Done,” because the employees—his “warriors”—would do whatever it takes to complete the job with smiles on their faces. Under John’s legendary leadership, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. grew from a $2 million a year company to a $200 million enterprise. He led the company through this tremendous growth without ever forgetting what got him there in the first place—quality and customers.

Today: The Legacy Continues

Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. and the construction community mourned when John passed away in 2014. After his passing, John’s sons Kevin and Phillip, who grew up with the company, stepped into the roles of CEO and COO, respectively. Keeping the values of their grandfather and father at the forefront of their business, Kevin, Phillip and the “Dogs of War” continue to “Just Get It Done. Safely.”

“It is our great honor to continue in the footsteps of our grandfather, our father, and all of the valued team members that have served this great company,” says Kevin Albanese. “Although technology and construction methods may change, our project approach and commitment to our customers is the same as it was since our founding.”

“Our ‘Get It Done’ motto isn’t just a marketing slogan,” says Phillip Albanese. “Rather, it is truly how we operate and our mindset. We are driven by our core values of truth, safety, quality and people to get the job done with relentless and deliberate execution. This hasn’t and won’t change.”